About Us

Prometheus Capital is a privately owned Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) founded in 2019 made of diversified high-value portfolio of urban residential and commercial properties located in key markets in Benelux region with a focus on Brussels, the capital of the European Union.

We currently manage a portfolio of prime-located assets totaling over 12,000 square meters throughout the region, specializing in high-growth urban environments.

Prometheus Capital leverages the unique opportunities recently advanced through policies that make the region prime for growth in the real estate sector and investment. The fund allows investors to achieve attractive long-term returns in private debt, real estate, private equity and liquid strategies.


Portfolio Value



32% YoY

value growth


Occupancy rate




Prometheus Capital maintains personal emphasis and offers our occupants contemporary office and retail spaces in prime locations and accommodate for high growth company opportunities. We are responsive to industry needs and approach the future of space with sustainability and innovative vision.

Retail is in a moment of change and the real estate structures must adapt to meet the needs of the new economy. We believe in hybrid models for successful companies navigating online markets with the brick and mortar stores reinforcing the customer loyalty and connection.

We create value through strategic management and locally informed investments, with global perspective.

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Founded in 2019 by Ronald Rozenbaum, the REIT is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with offices in Luxembourg and New York. Prior to founding the REIT, Rozenbaum founded a boutique M&A firm specializing in small and medium enterprise.

Prometheus was named after the Greek figure who was known as a benefactor to humanity by sharing fire and regarded as a champion of wisdom and civilization. In a modern day interpretation, he is the empowering figure to all and open source knowledge.

We look up to that core belief and value that our role is to catalyze and empower companies and individuals to grow and achieve their goals by reducing the friction of managing property and in doing so build a model for a brighter future.