“A volume of 5.7 billion made 2020 a record year for real estate investment in Belgium with 17% more than 2019 and outperforming the 5-year average by 36% .

The special edition is able to demonstrate the vitality of the Belgian real estate world… which remains particularly accessible in price terms, compared to other European markets. A favourable situation which allows Belgian real estate and the players within in to look   forward to a bright future”



Prometheus Capital founder Ronald Rozenbaum is featured in Belgium’s 2021 Trends-Tendances: Who’s Who – Major Actors in Real Estate special issue.

The B2B real estate guide is intended to reflect the decision-makers who contribute to the construction of Belgium’s cities and urban environments. It contains the full profile of leading investors, developers and intermediaries. Featuring nearly 200 players who make and break real estate in Belgium who are the most active in the office, residential, retail, logistics and hotel segments.