About the project

Tucked between the modernist glass and concrete of European Union institutions on one side and the high-end boutiques of the Avenue Louise on the other.

Matongé is a vivid neighborhood in Ixelles (87.000 citizens). 15.000 people pass by Chaussée de Wavre every day, making it one of the 10th busiest street in Belgium. A thriving community including nightclubs, bars and shops has emerged in the network of streets south of Chaussée de Wavre. Popular shops (Exki, Brico, etc.) with a national footprint, enjoy on average between 57% and 71% more turnover per square meter in Matongé than nationally.

Named after a lively area of Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Matongé area developed in the late 1950s with the influx of Congolese students in Belgium. It developed into an authentic global nexus after Congo gained their independence in 1960. Nowadays, it is a true union of cultures running along Chaussée de Wavre, just off Porte de Namur, steps away from the European Quarter and one of the most expensive shopping streets in Brussels, Avenue Louise.

Prometheus Capital footprint represents 5.000 sqm of retail shops (10) and residential areas.